Nov 12, 2011

BLOG CANDY & The drawer of good intentions

Raise your hand if you can relate.

- You are catching up on your blog reader and you see a gorgeous new release of images that you just HAVE to have (all of them - right now - immediately).  Never mind that Halloween is over and you'll never look at that pumpkin again until next year - at which time you'lll probably have completely forgotten it or no longer care....

- You are desperately waiting for that exact time of 11:04 pm when your favourite stamp company has it's new release so that you can race into the store and quickly buy up every image or die you can get your hands on - because it is an INVESTMENT really and how can you not?  And you will really and truly use all of these gorgeous versatile stamps every day!  Because I use the term "abundance" in every single card I make! 

- There is a limited edition ink colour that you HAVE TO HAVE.  After all - it is LIMITED EDITION!  Seriously!  How can you not have it?  Who cares if it's a garish shade of fluorescent gray?  It is a NEW NEUTRAL ladies - come on!  And it is an INVESTMENT piece because it is designer - and did I mention LIMITED EDITION?  Actually, I'd better get three - because really - they might dry out and then what will I do?

- omg - you are KIDDING - I can "click now" to add all 74 stunning new images into my shopping basket!  And this will save me not only $0.34 (never mind an extra $45 of shipping - it is an INVESTMENT).  Not to mention save my hand of the additional 73 clicks.  And - even if there are only 3 images I want - the other 71 gorgeous flying unicorn with pixie wings and no faces because they are too perfect for noses - are really (need I say it?  LIMITED EDITION!).  And yes, you got it - an INVESTMENT.  For sure.

OK - I could go on - really I could.  But I'm sure you've been there (or are there, like right this minute - stop, do not click!)  Right?

So - on with my story.  This - (drumroll please) - is the craft space formerly known as the drawer of good intentions:

This started out as the place where I emptied all those gorgeous brown packages that came in the mail (or my friend Andrea's mail) because really - we need TWO of everything.  It would be so silly to have to walk 5 minutes to actually get one of these investment pieces because there might be a midnight stamping emergency!  And then what would I do?

Well, I'm sure you can all see what the result is.  I no longer have any idea what is in there.  And my grand plans of specific cards for specific events and friend's graduating from Masters in Wound Care and my neighbor's cat's hysterectomy - and not to mention Great Uncle Fester - who (praise the Lord) finally passed gas and will not be needing that surgery.  I had these PLANS to stamp - really they were well intentioned....

Anyway - I've been inspired by my friend Sheila - who is one of the most generous and lovely (although slightly potty mouthed - you have to watch out for that one, really) crafting friends I know.  She was written up in our local paper this week - you have to read this - it truly is a wonderful article about a wonderful woman truly Paying it Forward and not just making the motions.

Sheila Mankulich shows crafts her customers have made in exchange for donating food items for the London Food Bank at her scrapbooking store, Scrappin Great Deals, in Kilworth on Tuesday November 8th, 2011. Mankulich has collected food in lieu of fees for crafting sessions, and has collected over 300 pounds so far. (CRAIG GLOVER, The London Free Press"
For the full article click here!
So I'm going to share with you some of my treasures - and offer up some BLOG CANDY - once I hit 100 followers to my blog!  Here is an array of goodies from my "formerly known as the drawer of good intentions" (Scor-Pal not included).

Here's what I'd love you to do:

1.  Please follow my blog (I'm lonely and I need friends, truly, or at least fellow addicts)
2.  Please share with me your story of crazy and rash crafty purchase gone wrong
3.  Suggest a new name for my "formerly known as the drawer of good intentions"
4.  Please - share my story!

Thanks girlies!
Happy stamping - and more importantly - INVESTING!


  1. I can't breathe. Peed pants. Soul.sisters.

  2. I think all card and scrapbookers are the same. I have a ton of things I order and by the time I receive them, I forgot what I wanted to make with them. I am also a jewelry maker and do the same thing with the beads and pendant I order. funny. I am a follower of your blog.

  3. Wow, it is like you are inside my head or something!!! hehe Amazing post. I think you have captured the heart of every stamper here!!! Too funny!!!

  4. Just loved your post!!! You made me laugh!!! I am a new stamper and so my words are not "limited edition" or "investment". MINE are CLEARANCE..."it's only 3.99 and it was 9.95!" Since I have really only been buying since May..I don't think I have too much of a crazy purchase yet....except I really don't know what to make with the "INCHIES" clearanced stamps I bought and maybe I bought one too many Martha Stewart punch around the page!

    I suggest your new blog be titled. LIMITED EDITION INVESTMENT!!!! lol

    Here's hoping you reach your goal of 100 soon!!!

  5. Hi!
    I'm definitely going to post about this, and I think the former drawer of good intentions should become (ta da!) Unlimited Possibilities! I now follow also, lovely candy on offer!

  6. I am a new follower thanks to Terri, but am not about to offer up a new name because I love the old one! I can soooooooooo relate! :)

  7. hi huni what a FABULOUS POST I just had to read every word and with a big smile on my face too I totally agree I mean we all do need everything right till it arrives gets popped in a draw and then years pass by and you say to yourself 'oh yes I forgot about those'but still find it hard to part with.
    I think your candy is totally awesome and I too think your blog is amazing I do asure you though if I get lucky to win these fab stamps they will not end up in my draw of good intentions oh and of course i am a follower have a great weekend sweetie
    Lorraine xx

  8. Sarah - you are hysterical! I posted on my blog and I've become a follower. I too have stamps that were intended for great things and are in binders, if they're lucky. My goal over the holiday is to organize all those stamps. Maybe the "Drawer of Wonderful Surprises I forgot I had?" Thanks for the chance.


  9. Oh my goodness, you are too funny. I just love your story. I think you should call it your "Forget Me Not Drawer". Lol. I am a new follower and have added this to my blog. Thanks for a chance.

  10. Love your since of humor...I scrolled throughout your blog and really love your creations.. I it a bonus to have found this great blog candy. I am a new follower and look forward to seeing your creations.

    I think you should call your drawer the MUST HAVES Drawer...
    Thanks for the chance to win..good luck on reaching 100 followers..

  11. Don't you just love when you write a really long comment and then your computer eats it?! sigh....anyhoo....I felt the need to tell you that we must have been separated at birth. ha I should be in a 12 step program for my scrappy shopping addiction.
    And really is it wrong that I now have the winners of my challenges order their own prizes online because it ends up saving me money when I don't step foot into my LSS!!!! LOL
    As to the new name of your drawer, it should now be named The Limited Edition Investments drawer.
    I am now an eager follower of your blog and love your sense of humor and your gorgeous projects so expect me back soon!! hugs, stacy h-w
    I'm having a giveaway on my blog too if you want to stop by and enter.

  12. I can totally relate to this. I have another room where my Cricut Imagine resides. I hardly ever get it out because it is too heavy and I don't have a craft room so I feel it was probably my most expensive mistake to date. We all get carried away with the hype on Create & Craft (in the UK) for example and then think well no I really didn't want this or need it either!!!!! Your drawer should be renamed Pandora's Box!

    Hugs Ali x

  13. Wauw, wauw, i like it this candy, so beautiful

    Hugs Lia

  14. I have recently learned from experience that when I enter any crafts supplies store, that I should have specific items in mind that I came in to get. There have been plenty of occasion when I purchased items then when I get home realised I have the exact same thing already in my stash. Arggh!!

    That name for your drawer is already perfect! But if it is up to me, I'd call it... The Bottomless Chest of Yummy-ness! :)


  15. LOL i wad laughing so hard reading through your post....though i stay in INDIA and the choice for the crafty goodies is not as much.....i can still relate to the crafty always a case of buy more to save something:)and then stuff keeps piling up....
    well your drawer is named very aptly and i would still call it a good intention drawer:)
    and i am a follower as of now.and sharing your fun post on my sidebar .

  16. OMG, I thought I was reading about myself LOL!! I was actually sitting here laughing, thinking I do exactly that!! It really amazes me how much stuff I really do I have!! I think the name of your drawer is perfect although you could call it "I'll use it One day" drawer! probably my only rash purchase was a new cutter which I used once and hated so returned it!! LOL!!

  17. Love the humorous post. Thanks for sharing a laugh. I would say Drawer of crafting happiness:)
    Lovely candy.

  18. My hand is raised, as, I SO can relate to what you are saying. You are too funny and really made me chuckle on this early Sunday morning in the US of A. I agree with Hussena about calling your drawer a good intention drawer--or, maybe All Good Intentions drawer. I guess my worst impulse buy to date is my Spellbinders Die Cutter. Not a bad little tool, but, you see I already have the Sizzix Big Kick. Oh, well, live and learn--maybe. I am a new follower and sure hope you make your 100 followers. patnbobcuddy at gmail dot com

  19. So funny story and so my theme :( I'm in scrapbooking and cardmaking world less then a year I'm addicted to ebay where I could bought so many great things but usualy It is not useble. I love paper, I have tons of it but I did less then 20 cards and 1 layout %) And I'm not only cardmaker - I love to knit and crochet and x-stitching: I have a tons threads for crocheting and kniting. and so many canvas and DMC threads for cross stitching. Once I tried to be a juvelery maker, but I stoped myself
    Svetlana xx

  20. It's a lot of fun to read your blog, but sadly truth for many people...
    The only thing I think I wouldn´t do it again is to bring things to my country as in the Custome they peel me off!!!!
    The name of your blog is fine, don´t change it! But, of course, it´s up to you.
    I became a follower and posted about it.
    Thanks for the chance, hope you get your first 100 very soon :)

  21. Hi Sarah. Stacy at Scrap with Stacy told me you needed some help with purging your rubber collection. I am here to tell you I will help you in any way I can. I signed on as a follower so I can track your progress overcoming this addiction. I feel your pain!
    And I wouldn't advise renaming the drawer and drawing attention to it. Maybe just refer to it as 'The Drawer Who Shall Not Be Named' so it won't come flying after you like that wizard thing in the Harry Potter books.
    I never speak of things that I buy but never use since then I would have to admit defeat against the scourge that is such a weakness among all of us paper crafters. The 'musthavethatrightnow' disease.
    I stuck your link and photo on my blog so others can come to your rescue as well.
    Please take care and thank you for sharing your pain! :D

  22. shared on my fb and im your s now lol

  23. Funny, I like you. I tend to buy things to use to organize with, then I send them out to the garage for Hubby. I started with CD cases for clear stamps and I had to hide them in the attic because I changed my mind and I KNEW hubby would LOOSE IT!! We call then the DOA's (Dead on Arrival, or soon after)

    I am a new follower and am posting a link on my blog. Thanks for making my night

    Jenn Zeeb

  24. Oh Sarah, you are too funny!!! LOL... I don't have a name for my drawer, and in fact deny all possibility that it exists in my house ;) Honest, hubby, I don't have an issue with stamp purchasing!! ;) It was all free! lol

    From the looks of your drawers, we have some similar favorite lines too... who can resist them? I don't have that kind of will power.

    I think my most crazy purchase was the sets of coloured glitter and coloured flocking... I have yet to use any of those bright colours on a card! As for a new name for your drawer... I love your old name, it is perfect for what you were using it for. If you're trying to turn over a new leaf though, maybe you could call it your 'Walk of Shame' drawer? lol

  25. Hiya :)
    I can totally relate to all of the above. I do have one good reason (or so i tell myself) to buy more stash, and thats my daughter lol She is 8 and LOVES crafting, so at least if I buy something and don't use it, or somehow end up with a multiple of something, then I pass it on to her, much to her delight :) As for your new name....maybe The drawer of impulsive purchases? lol or maybe the drawer of simply HAD to have!
    I have become a follower and added your lovely candy to my blog :) Thanks so much for the chance to enter.
    Good luck with 100 followers, you are almost there!!
    Fiona L x

  26. Hi Sarah. I am now follower #53.
    I think my rash and crazy craft purchases have been stickers. I love them, but don't use them too often.
    I love the name "Drawer of Good Intentions" but how about " What was I thinking?" because that can include anything.

  27. Ok really...we are all where you are i'm sure.. I've purchased so many things that haven't been used i can't even count them. I think you should call your bin Drawer that's gone wrong....or maybe drawer of retirement projects...just saying!!! I'm there, many times over. tfs

  28. Hahaha! just laughed reading your post Sarah. I've just started this world of crafting and I've been there with "wow! this is new" and when it's mine I don't really use it because it's big and I only make small projects - cards and punches. Now I am selling one of the punches I bought, bless me if someone buys it. hehehe
    I am your 77th follower and sending you my love.

    myfootahead at gmail dot com

  29. Hi Sarah, I am your newest follower and have posted and linked your "drawer of good intentions" on my blogs sidebar! "Free to Good Home" Now that I am done laughing... has anyone told you that you are a riot! You are looking for a new name for your "drawer of good intentions" well, let's just call it... "MINE" I have an empty drawer here that is so lonely and could use a few good supplies! Fingers, toes and eyes crossed on this one... !!!!
    Hope you visit me too sometime!
    Crafty Holiday Hugs,

  30. Hello Sarah! I'm your 79th follower. I shared your giveaway over my blog (I also need some followers, too, heheh) Well, I'm not a newbie when it comes to scrapbooking and crafting, but I just started blogging and learning the art of making cards and handmade stuff. Gosh, I have bought quite a lot of crafting materials before, mostly stickers, and I still have unused sets that I bought 2 years ago! What was I thinking back then? I bought them mainly because they were on sale, and I thought I'd be using them somehow...but they just stayed inside my stash..
    Hope you gain more followers!


  31. Hi Sarah.

    It is great to meet a fellow Canadian here in blogland!

    I was just here earlier commenting on your Sketchy Challenges Tilda card, then whilst blog hopping I see someone has a link back here for your candy & 100 friends ....u...hmm.....followers wanted/needed!

    I laughed so hard when I read your "drawer of good intentions" spiel. I think the name is perfect!! long as your intentions were good! LOL

    As for good purchases gone bad.....hmmm....I don't know if I've ever made any of them. HOWEVER, i have at various times sat at my computer, looking at this new stamp release or that new die cut ...working up a sweat.....feeling my heart pounding....thinking...OMG I need this...I really do....but can I afford it...sure I can "click" it's in my basket,"but really do I need it that bad"...."click" it's outta my basket....and so the cycle continues! OMG!! how many times I analyze things until I finally give up and go to bed where I continue to have Tilda run thru my dreams and copics dancing around her! LOL

    On an upside. One person's drawer of good intentions is another person's prevention of these aformentioned dreams~~

    Thanks for the chance.

    hey, Sarah, throw me an e-mail so we can talk about how to get you some more followers.

    Take Care.

    (off to post it on my sidebar now)

  32. Hi Sarah, thank you for the chance to win this wonderful blog candy. I have bought things, specially stickers when I first started scrapbooking that I no longer need or I'm not sure what made me buy them lol one of these days I will follow your example and giveaway all the things I don't use anymore.
    I'm your follower and I hope you have a nice day.

  33. Just came from Stacy's blog and I'm a new follower. I'm a total addict and supply hoarder! I can SO relate to everything you said! LOL

  34. Sarah, you crack me up! I can so relate! I just recently discovered how much fun stamping is, so then begins the compulsion! I just recently bid on a stamp on Ebay that I HAD to have. Then I saw the gal would ship as many as you won in 2 weeks and only charge the highest shipping price of one of them. ACK!!! I had to stop myself!!

    I like the drawer of good intentions, but I see where you would like to change that. How about the drawer of infinte possibility?
    I am a new follower, and glad to be! I am off to link you to my sidebar!

  35. Aloha Sarah,
    Such a lovely candy. I have post this on my sidebar. Thanks for the chance to win. I hope you will visit me too as I am having a giveaway too.
    Karezma Kreations

  36. LOL that is so true right now I'm on a mission to buy no more paper and try my best to use what I have at home I've realized that some papers you don't think would work can work for any creation with a few extra stamps or color change. I've been sending out little gift's here and there to friends hope they don't mind they might have been used or are still new just the luck of the draw thanks for the chance and I've linked you in my sidebar hugs Nikki C

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Sarah, I guess we can all relate to those impulses. I myself, is a true shopaholic! I can't stop myself from buying stamps, stmaps, stamps. I was a horader for papers before and still are but much less...Will I ever use them one day? Who knows...Thanks for the candy. Oops, I forgot to add that you might call your drawer " Drawer I need to use or else..." LOL!

  39. my gosch! you are me! and i totally loove you!lol.
    Im a girl from sweden and the most stupid things i do is when i buy stuff that i dont even now how to use, or what to do with them. Isnt that crazy??? I have just heard that its something crafters gotta have,lol.
    well, i would call the drawer for the goodi, goodi drawer, i know, not the brightest of suggestions,lol. I actyally had a really good name for it, but it wasent as funny at al when you translate it from swedisch to englisch soo...i skipped that. Oke, now im babbeling. a new follower and il put your wonderful candy pic on my sidebar. merry christmas to you!
    (ps. loved your post!)hugs!

  40. Hahaha... I'm a new stamper and I'm addicted to buy stamp too. Like you, my drawer can't close. I always push push the drawer. I like "the drawer of good intentions" it's the perfect name LOL. I am a new follower and have added this to my blog. Thanks for a chance.

  41. I know what you mean!! I'm an addict, too!! :) Am your new follower and I'll be posting your candy on my blog post this coming Sunday! Have a wonderful weekend!

  42. Hey! Your candy has been added in the Blog Candies section at Feline Playful! Hope you get lots of traffic via Feline Playful blog!

  43. Oh, girly, I'm raising both of my hands! As a fellow craft-supply hoarder, I feel ya. I'm happy to be your newest follower (#96!) and I would love to help rid your "black hole" drawer of it's innards. I'm sharing your candy giveaway photo/link on my blog. :)

  44. First I thought, well, I am a very rational person, I don't shop at the internet, so I haven't made any purchases that now get stuck in drawers or are stuffed in the deepest corner in my board. But then I remembered:
    I have bought several sets of simple card board, only because I loved two colours out of 10 (it was really cheap). I have a metal box full of beads, several of the little containers untouched, the red prizes and 50%-off signs still attached. A real bargain!!
    I don't want to mention the gift wrapping paper from IKEA that I bought only because I thought of the possibilities to make splendid cards - I only used them four times or so, because they are crammed in my cupboard.
    And while writing this, more examples come into my mind. I could go forever with this....
    And for the drawer - perhaps you should name it "the drawer for intentions formerly known as good"? Not a good idea, I know. I try something better: "Black hole". Because, if you're like me, you'll forget what is inside. And then you won't use it. No information can leave the black hole = the stamps are not used in ages.

    Have a nice day.

  45. Oh my goodness, now I have a name for my drawer! I can get out my pink Cricut vinyl that I bought with "good intentions" of using it over a year ago and make a label for that drawer. "my drawer of good intentions" lol
    Thanks for the cool giveaway. I'm following you and will spread the word on facebook.

    Smiles Sher

  46. Both my hands are up!!!! We can so much relate to it!!! and I liked the word INVESTMENT for the every craft purchase we make...
    Recently I participated in an exhibition... I was asked to put up a stall of my paper crafts... I didn't had much time to make cards and other paper craft items but still I spent so much in buying craft supplies on the name of so called INVESTMENT that I ended up in losses as the stall turned out to be a flop show because the crowd was too less at the event.. I was just able to recover the rent of the stall I paid and got some recognition..Phew... A lesson learnt... or may be not! As I still feel I don't have much stamps n inks and other tools.. :(
    I was never a candy hunter but the weight of my wallet has forced me to hunt for free craft supplies.. :P and on one fine day, my friend Hussena forwarded me the link of your blog.. As she too came to know about my INVESTMENT gone wrong.. Your post aptly suited my situation..
    I m your 98th Follower!! Posting it on the side bar...
    Keep in touch... we all are sailing on the same boat..

    Love n wishes from India,

  47. Ha ha ha, I loved your story so much. I dont have a lot of money so I dont make many impulse purchases, though I cant lie I have made a few. Merry Christmoose, what the heck was I thinking lol. I think you should change the name to I wont buy it without thinking about it for 24hrs drawer lol. I am now a follower and you are on my sidebar.

  48. )))
    My story of shame:
    A plenty of time ago I found a US online scrap store, where everything seemed to be soooo cheap and beautiful, so I just had to have on order there...
    I put in my online basket materials worth around 100 usd and proceeded to checkout... I was so discouraged when I found that they don't ship to Russia!!!!
    I am quite lazy, so I didn't want to bother myself by looking for some other online store, that does ship to Moscow and I asked my dad, whether it is possible for me to ship my parcel to his apartment (he lives in Toronto)... Hу agreed. I completed checkout (+ around 47 $ to the total cost...).
    The worst happened when I found out Canadian Tax limits...
    Believe me, it wasn't the most pleasant experience for me! xD
    Well, at least I hope that it will become my lesson for future: always to read all these small lettered texts at the bottom of web pages...))

    Welcome to my blog:


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