Jan 25, 2013

highlights from CHA - part 5

OK - saved the best til the last.

Yep - fully admit it - huge, crazy, weak-kneed fan of Tim Holtz!  I just love his style - and how he makes everything look so easy.  You cannot be around this guy and not feel like crafting!

Had to get my photo-op in of course!  He is always super, super gracious, no matter how many of us crazies are wanting photos & autographs!  Just lovely.  Have to say - this man is the demo master - he could sell anything!

Watching the man at work (again).  Yep - might have spent a little (lot) of time at the Ranger booth!  Here Tim is demonstrating his new Distress Paints which were (no surprise) one of the Top 20 products at CHA.  Of COURSE they are super cool and amazing and of COURSE I need them all - like yesterday.

Just one more pose - cause you know - I can!  Shoulda' taken a pic of Tim's shoes.  The man wears cool shoes.  But - that might have been just a tad stalker-ish...

The new paints.  LOVE.  You can layer them, unlike the distress inks.  They have no texture or grit once on the paper.  You can make them translucent or opaque.  Super cool.

Happy Crafting!


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