Dec 5, 2011

When crafting goes bad...

Hello stampers!
- or rather - Happy Day Five!  If you do not know what this refers to, clearly you do not suffer from the same condition as I do - henceforth known as Love of all things Holtz (or addiction - but not in polite company).

The above is my pitiful attempt at Tag #1.  After watching the fabulous video multiple times, I managed a sad little pinecone.  This was after my frantic hunt for the right paper, which of course I did not have.  And if you can't sand the edges - it just doesn't look right.  Nor did I have the right Noel die, which of course is now sold out everywhere.  But I did improvise and manage something at least in the same realm.

Along the way, I absolutely fell in love with the Rock Candy!  Who knew of this marvalous product?  Certainly not me, despite the two jars sitting in my craft room.  Well, they are very decorative aren't they?  And I've owned the grunge paper for well over a year, and never managed anything decent with it.  But NOW!  I'm in love!  And I need more!  This stuff is genius!

I am really enjoying watching all of the videos - but seriously having to curb my desire to run out and buy (not like I could find them anyway) every single magical die and ink that Lord Tim demonstrates! 

The sad note today was when the mailman actually brought a package to my door, and said "oh!  you're not usually home!"  (so this is concerning in a few ways really - first of all, does he really come that frequently?  and if so, he actually takes note that I'm not home?)  Hmmm..  And then he says "don't worry, I've put all EIGHT of your other parcels in one box so you just have one key this time"  (note the comment "this time" because "last time" I had two - ok three - keys).  And before he left, he mentioned AGAIN "I've never caught you at home before!" (again, concerning in so many ways...)  And OF COURSE, he came right as I was crawling out of bed, pj's, bed head, and no bra.  OF COURSE.  And of course my cat chooses this moment to make a run for it, so I'm out (remember, pj's and bra-less) chasing my stupid cat down the road IN THE RAIN no less - in front of the mailman - who appears to already know me far too well.  Good times.

So, yes, I know, this is my tag #1 - and it is indeed DAY FIVE.  Point taken.  Back to the dungeon (otherwise known as the gluey, glittery mess that was once my craftroom)



  1. Okay so I didn't comment on the last 5 posts or so because quite frankly I didn't think I could get up (knees together)and get (run) into the bathroom before I had the tears of laughter running down my legs! I don't know which I liked better, your gorgeous (yes, I said gorgeous) tags or your hysterical sense of humor! You've got a fan (no I didn't say stalker) for life!
    Crafty Holiday Hugs,


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