Dec 5, 2011

When crafting goes bad, part two

Hello stampers!

Here is my attempt at a submission for Tag #2.  No, I did not have the beautiful reindeer die that was called for, but I was pretty pleased with my substitution of three trees from Tim's Movers and Shapers line (phew... I had one of the things at least!)

Please do not dwell on the fact that my designer paper is upside down, because by that point, I had an hour and three layers of splodge and die and resin and other goodies invested in this blessed tag and was not about to go back to the drawing board!  Oh no, I think it adds a certain "aloofness" don't you think?  A certain "je ne sais quoi".  Ooooh where is my beret and jaunty scarf?

So I at least had the design ruler (which I NEVER knew had a metal edge, or a zero point) although I still think my brads are crooked.  But I never knew that I NEEDED/ LUSTED/ desperately required the Tim Holtz hammer until now!  And (horror-of-horrors) it is DISCONTINUED!  Can you believe it?  That is like sacriledge to a crafter!  Especially after having watched the strangely transfixing video showing it's magical properties!  I may have the sweats until I can find one.  Although, I did just pay the lovely postman (please read my previous post for further details on the postman) $16 in duties after importing some beautiful rubber stamps from England, so I'm not sure what the duties would be on the magical hammer, even if I could find one!

I did discover how I can transform the grunge paper (previously at the bottom of my "drawer-of-good-intentions") into something pretty cool.  And I now definitely love my "Picket Fences" stain (which I previously hated and couldn't figure out).

Happy stamping!

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