Dec 5, 2011

When crafting goes bad - part three

Hello stampers!

Yes, I do know that it is DAY FIVE on the wonderful journey that is an homage to all things Lord Holtz... and yes, I do know that is only my third (and pitiful) tag.  But I do feel a certain pride that I am amongst the women around the world who are dedicated to this task of creating a beautiful item each and every single day!  Take a look at the entries - they are from countless countries!  I've seen some from Russia, Australia, Finland, the Netherlands.  It is amazing.  And inspiring!

So, despite the fact that I'm behind a few, I will continue!  I'm also amazed at how much I've learned along the way!  Half of these products I had laying in various drawers of my craft room, completely frustrated after being unable to figure them out.  Now onto my third creation, I'm actually half pleased with what I've turned out!  I really DID need those "limited edition" inks after all!  And that die I bought two years ago actually DOES produce a beautiful flower!  Who knew?  I think it does help that I finally found the special paper, after all it must be very special if it is so hard to find!  I think the stores purposely hide it to keep it's goodness all to themselves.  That must be it, right?  And the sanding block (sorry Lord Holtz - Sanding GRIP, goodness, I haven't been raised right.  That would be like calling a "Texture Fade" an "Embossing Folder", what was I thinking??).  I never knew I would so desperately desire one of these!  And no, silly husband, the sanding paper you have in the basement is NOT AT ALL the same and will definitely not reproduce the lovely flower I need!!

So I must share a little of the adventures along the way - that led to the creation of this lovely (or semi-lovely tag 3).  My dear friend Andrea, who is in my opinion, MUCH more addicted/ obsessed/ enamoured than I (don't tell her I said that, she might withold my share of the fabulous miniature flowers we just ordered from England - you can't tell the real size online - and now we might have to start a specialty business of creating greeting cards for leprechauns).

The day started with me showing up at Andrea's in my pyjama's, which is quite normal as she lives down the street, to have coffee (and maybe watch an episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories, shhhh).  The fact that I had two Michaels coupons tucked in my purse was PURELY coincidental and had nothing at all to do with the dozens of Tim Holtz videos I'd been watching on YouTube on my iPad in bed, when supposedly "resting".

Well, yadda yadda yadda, we're in the truck, en route to Michael's, in a mad panic for some crafting parephenalia.  And yes, I do think that my $400 Coach purse matches my $10 Old Navy pyjama pants perfectly - after all, they are colour coordinated.  And the pink Uggs add just the right touch of colour. 

So, in our moment of (glory) shame we discover they do NOT have the magical product we so desperately require in order to make the tag we have not even looked at yet, but know we want to make it...  But we had to use the coupon, and found some close substitutes.


So here we are in all our  (glory) shame, only to discover the longest lineup in Michael's history (of course) with the most stylish ladies in high-heeled boots behind us.  Of course.

Well, back to it....

Happy Stamping!


  1. Oh Sarah! You did make me smile, which is no mean thing in the midst of my panicking about being totally disorganised for the fast looming Christmas festivities! Your tag looks fabulous, as do the uggs & pjs!
    Alison x

  2. All tags is just so nice, I like all!!
    Hugs Majsan

  3. Thank you for your kind comment <3 It really warmed my heart this cold December morning ;)

    I really like your tags too - and I'm so with you when you say that this experience has tought you new ways to use things and materials just laying around the craft room ;) That is the coolest part of this journey I think :)

    Let's enjoy the rest of the journey with the same passion that has brought us so far ;)

    Smiles from Finland,


    PS: Couldn't stop smiling after reading your Michael's trip with pyjama pants ;D So you know - I would go to Michael's even wearing only my underwear if we only had one <3 They sell all the crafty things I could imagine having <3 But maybe it's better for people not to see me shopping in my underwear! *LOL*

  4. Hilarious post, and hello from New York! Love that you shared the pics of the jammies and by the way, your coffee cup looks like it says Tim Holtz on it! Your tag is great... clearly you did need that flower and you know how to use it.


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